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Music Reel

País de las Ajedrecillas

País de las Ajedrecillas is a new track, part of the project Las Ligas de la Ñ. In this track you can hear the multiple characters that belong to a hallucination related to chess and fantasy. This project is created by Las Ligas de la Ñ, MusiChess. The original concept was created by Alex Enesco and the music is originally mine. The illustration seen in the track is by Pablo Morales.

Music Competitions

This is my entry for the Music Cosmos Competition 2021 "Life Unfolding", organised by Music Cosmos and Bee My Ears

Cinematic Music

Rescoring of Caminandes 3 Llamigos, for Indie Film Music Competition 2020

Horror Music

This piece of music is a rescoring exercise of a scene from The Woman in Black, by James Watkins (2012)
Gran Apoteosis: an orchestral cinematic piece, my latest symphonic score.
Vanessa's Leitmotif was created for a potential project. It is the leitmotif of the antagonist.
IT intro: comedy piece for the shortfilm IT, by Lawrence Boateng (2019)
6.17 is a shortfilm by Sarah F. Gallegos (2018)